End of School Year Pick Me Ups

By Brooklyn Napolitano

Simple things like ordering some new stickers for your laptop can spice up your day. I love changing around my laptop cases mid year. The website red bubble is a great place for laptop cases and stickers!

Getting new pens always helps me get some motivation to do my work. Whether it is taking notes or finishing a worksheet, new pens always make things more exciting.

If you put in the effort to make yourself a snack like granola or homemade chex mix it will give you something to be excited about. It’s better than spending two dollars on a bag of chips at the healthy vending machine or the brown bag.

If you are feeling cramed and disorganized, it is always a good idea to clean out your computer and your binders. Get rid of papers that are not important anymore and then you can begin the last couple weeks of school with a fresh start.

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