By Tatum Schoaf

Ever feel like you can’t come up with ideas for teens? Here is a gift guide to the teens who blow the question every time you ask!

Teen Girls:

With teen girls, gifts can be a pain! Many teen girls never like the clothes you get them. Instead of buying them clothes, get a giftcard to their favorite stores! Fuzzy Socks!! Everyone loves a good pair of warm and soft socks!! Candy, because everyone loves candy! Accessories!! If the teen has piercings, or likes wearing necklaces and bracelets, get them accessories! Don’t know what store to give them money to? Get them a Visa gift card!

Teen Boys:

With teen boys it’s even harder!! If your teen plays video games, get them some equipment! Get them more controllers to play with their friends, or a headset! Fortnite is big right now and with many teen boys obsessed a gift for their game is perfect! If they need v bucks, xbox live, or anything else… an iTunes gift card is perfect. If you have a teen boy really into sports, a Dicks Gift card is a really good way to encourage outdoor activities after some video gaming with their want to use their new equipment!

Both boys and girls are very hard to shop for, if none of these work for you take them on a small shopping spree or let them pick out a few gifts!

Hopefully these gift ideas help you out with your upcoming birthdays!