Women’s History Month Movie Review: Hidden Figures

By Abby Morgan

In January 2017, I saw one of the best movies I have ever seen: “Hidden Figures”. As March is Women’s History month, this is a movie that I think everyone should take the time to watch. HB girls share the qualities of the women in this movie: hardworking, intelligent, determined, and persistent.  Back in the 1960s, many minority women were assigned to do handwritten calculations in the basement of an old building for NASA. White authoritative figures would constantly boss the women around and act like they were superior in every way. One of the women, however, was promoted to the big office and was treated horribly. The movie focuses on three of these woman making it all the way to the top of the office, making important contributions to NASA, and helping the U.S.A in its scientific developments. They became some of the most successful women in their time. It was inspiring to watch them pursue their dreams, regardless of what others said to them. The term “Hidden Figures” can also be used to describe so many other women of that time. Many worked so hard, but were not often recognized and appreciated for their accomplishments. This March, I hope we can all take some time to think about how far women have come.  Yes, there are still inequalities due to gender that society struggles to recognize, however, girls like us can help change this. By working hard and doing what we love, we can help make this a better world.

via 20th Century Fox

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