The Upside Movie Review

By Abby Morgan

This weekend I saw one of the best movies I have ever seen, and I recommend you all see it too.  It is called The Upside. It is about a New York billionaire who became paralyzed while paragliding and had lost his wife to cancer.  He was in search of a life aid, and selected Dell (Kevin Hart), a man who had recently been released from prison. Dell was not so sure about the job, and this movie is about how he came to realize how the relationship he developed with this man was not worth losing.

via Wikipedia

I think that this movie was incredible.  It was heartfelt, with some plot twist and turns.  I will admit I looked around the theater at a few points, and some tears were certainly shed.  I would have thought that this was a documentary of real life because the acting was great, as the emotions displayed were so realistic.  Kevin Hart is hilarious, which made this emotional, true-story movie comedic, too. I would rate this movie, The Upside, 10/10. Catch it in the theater, or it will be available on other platforms soon!

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