It’s George’s Birthday!

By Cynthia Okoben

On February 25, 2019, George Harrison will (or will have, depending on when you’re reading this) turn 76. Most of you will not know this person. This person who was perhaps one of the four most famous people in the world in the mid to late sixties. Who was given an MBE in 1965. Who was the lead guitarist in perhaps the most famous band in the world. But, nevertheless, still all but forgotten by the younger generation.

It’s George’s Birthday and music and time have shifted. A person who was once one of the four most famous people on the planet has been swept away with the other relics. Now young people listen to very different types of music. 7 Rings rather than Something. RTJ4 rather than Rubber Soul. Chapter 6 rather than 33 ⅓. If music from last November seems old to them, how can music from the 1960s be truly appreciated? How can it be appreciated if they think music ages like vinegar? Last week’s greatest song scorned as old and juvenile compared to this week’s. The 2015 song of the summer acknowledged as “vintage.” The 2012 song of the summer, long forgotten.

It’s George’s Birthday and the best of the past are forgotten. So too must be the best of now in time to come. In a few years, those who are looked up to now as gods will be pushed off to the side, making albums that don’t sell, being ignored by their former disciples. Just as those who were worshipped in the 1960s and ‘70s are now by today’s youth.

But still, it’s George’s Birthday and we should all celebrate. Celebrate a man now ignored, whose friends once famous are dead or shoved out of society’s gaze or both. A man whose musical legacy inspired and shaped a generation just as popular music does today. And just as he is now, someday we will have children and grandchildren and pass away, if we’re lucky, of some sort of illness or ailment in a comfortable bed surrounded by our loved ones, the musicians who inspired our generation in the same position, long forgotten by the world that once loved them, as they always are, were, and will always be, whether or not we realize it.

Happy Birthday, George Harrison.


“I Am so《GRATEFUL》to Be Creating Art #GeorgeHarrison #ThankYou  · PIN × FOLLOW @Kelbythomson · #Peace #Love #Positivity #Spreadpeace #Spreadlove… | ART | Pinterest | George Harrison, The Beatles and Beatles Art.” Pinterest, Pinterest,

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