By Tayler Chauvette

*Note: This article was written before the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, was indicted.  This is purely a review of the game.

Despite many people’s hopes, the Super Bowl LIII was not super eventful, in fact, it was one of the lowest scoring Super Bowls and the first Super Bowl to get half without a touchdown. For those who did not watch the game because you had too much homework, a test/quiz to study for, or simply did not want to watch a game that long, here is a little recap. The final score of the game was 13-3 with the Patriots winning.

There were a few key plays that caused fans to cheer or groan in their seats. Such as, the interception by the Rams for Tom Brady’s first throw in the game and the fumble by the Rams that, luckily for the Rams, spun out of bounds. As well as, Rob Gronkowski’s amazing catch to bring the Patriots’ offense just feet away from the endline.

For me, the most interesting aspect of Sunday’s game were the records that were broken or could have been broken. With twelve records beaten between the Patriots and the Rams. Some of the most interesting winning records including:

  • Oldest Starting Quarterback (Tom Brady)
  • Most Appearances by a Head Coach (Bill Belichick)
  • Most Wins for a Head Coach (Bill Belichick)
  • Oldest Winning Head Coach (Bill Belichick)

Interestingly, had the Rams won, they would have broken many records including:

  • Sean McVay as the Youngest Winning Head Coach
  • While Jared Goff would not have been the Youngest Starting Quarterback, he would have been almost twenty years younger than Tom Brady.

It was truly a young and new team versus an old and experienced team. (Except not a great game to watch)

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