By: Maria Brown

Being a high schooler means that we love our sleep and hate to get up in the morning, even for food. This is a problem, because a lot of people don’t eat breakfast in the morning. Even of the people who do eat, around 29% (of the people in a survey I conducted) eat cereal which isn’t the healthiest option. So, over the next few weeks I will be giving you some healthy breakfast ideas to try out. This week’s suggestion is overnight oats. Taking time, the night before, to set up this delicious breakfast food gives you more time in the morning to sleep while still eating a more nutritious meal when you get up. Not to mention it’s fun to make, because you can put whatever toppings you want onto it. Try adding some fresh fruit to put some color into your morning, or chocolate chips to add a little sweetness!


• 1/3 cup oatmeal
• 1 Tsp honey
• ¾ cup milk
• These are up to you! See below for some fun ideas!

Peanut Butter Banana:

Chocolate Cherry


Cookie Dough (This isn’t as healthy, but is still easy and fun!):

Follow this link to find more ideas and recipes for overnight oats:[]=overnight%7Cautocomplete%7C0&term_meta[]=oats%7Cautocomplete%7C0