By: Helen Breen

David Portnoy vs Roger Goodell is a tale as old as time. Everyone hates Roger because he is the worst commissioner of the NFL. He messed with the wrong person, by trying to stop Dave Portnoy from seeing the Super Bowl. Dave was dragged out like a ragdoll from the game during the Super Bowl. He was specifically targeted due to his history with Goodell. Press day was also a bad day for Dave because he also got dragged out of that. Goodell thinks he is winning by kicking Dave out but the thing is that when Portnoy gets arrested or in some sort of trouble that only makes him more famous. All Dave had to do to get into NFL events was wear a mustache and a ‘I love Goodell’ hat. This is one of the greatest all time pranks by El Pres. This prank also got Portnoy to get on a national news platform. While I do not like the fact that Dave likes Boston sports teams I admire him for standing up to someone we all hate. Roger Goodell is just making people hate him even more by messing with El Pres. The entire Barstool community is united against Goodell and now we want El Pres as the new commissioner of the NFL. This fight is far from over and El Pres has come out on top and Roger is just stuck with his big red clown nose. Recently the Bad Boys of sports aka Barstool sports editors were put on a watch list for the NFL, and I think now that the lines are drawn Barstool looks like it going to end up on top.