By: Radhika Dutta

As many of you guys know, it was the 53rd Super Bowl on February 3, 2019. It was held in Atlanta, Georgia. It was the Los Angeles Rams against the New England Patriots. Would it even be a Super Bowl if the Patriots were not playing? Although I am not the biggest fan of football, I thought it was a good game. I was rooting for the Rams, though, so I am a little bit disappointed that the Patriots won. The finalscore was Patriots 13 – Rams 3.

Moving on from the boring football talk… We all know everybody’s favorite part of the Super Bowl is the halftime show. This year Maroon five starring Adam Levine, Travis Scott, and Big Boi were the performers. This year’s performance was definitely interesting.

I personally enjoy Maroon 5’s songs, but their Super Bowl performance was not spectacular. It was boring in fact. Adam Levine did steal the show and made it more interesting. Travis Scott’s performance was so short. If I blinked, I might have missed it! While Sickomode was being performed, Adam Levine was awkardwardly attempting to dance in the background! It was cool but also confusing seeing Travis Scott fall backwards into the audience and then never seen again. I also didn’t like the transitions from each song, they were not smooth at all. Big Boi’s performance was the least memorable out of them all.

Now onto the good stuff about the performances. Adam Levine taking off his shirt was funny and interesting to look at! I also think we can all agree that the spongebob commercial was the best part of the night.

Although the performances were not the best.. It was still a pretty good night with all the funny commercials that made up for it. Hopefully next year’s halftime show is better!

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