How the Patriarchy Smashed my Phone

By Audrey Roche

If you are a person who has ever purchased women’s pants, you are probably very aware of the pocket crisis. If you are lucky to find women’s pants where the pockets aren’t sewn shut, they probably won’t even be large enough to fit a wallet. However, pockets in men’s pants seem to continue on for days. My father can fit his phone, wallet and a pair of sunglasses in ONE pocket. While I can fit a tube of chapstick maybe. This obviously isn’t equal. Now, many reasons have been given for women’s smaller pockets, including purse marketing strategies and just a disconnect after a transition from skirts. But, this is a pretty minor thing right? No woman is actually being hurt by these tiny pockets, right?!

Well in my case, that is WRONG. It happened early on a friday morning my freshman year. I was excited to have only 8 hours to the weekend. Eager to get out of the car, I choose to place my phone in my back pocket as opposed to fumbling to put it back in my backpack. As I get out of the car, my phone slips out of my extra small back pocket and clatters onto the road behind me. I am unaware of the loss I just suffered until I reach for my phone before morning meeting to discover it was not there. By that time, it was too late. My phone, or what was left of it, was turned into the front desk. After surveying the damage, it became very clear my phone had been run over by multiple cars that morning. My family visited the Apple store and purchased a new phone which was not cheap! In my opinion, this happened at least in part because of the unbelievably small pockets of my pants. Now, I will never know this for certain, but I can bet if I were wearing men’s pants that day it wouldn’t have been a problem, and my phone would’ve been saved.

I will also add, this is NOT an isolated event. While talking to one of my friends just this morning, she told me that her phone had fallen out of her pocket onto the road, but she had luckily been able to save it, unlike me. v How many women has this happened to? How much money has been wasted because of the unfair size of women’s pants pockets? One may never know, but this is certainly an injustice that must be righted.

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