Committee of HB teachers resolves to transform hallways into interactive splatter paint exhibits.

By: Aaryana Sethi

HB’s art rooms are home to some of the most talented artists of the age. However, no matter how many HB-promoting stickers are put up in the hallways, they remain a rather drab beige. To address this issue, and encourage student involvement, a panel of HB teachers suggested an interactive splatter paint exhibit at their weekly faculty meeting.

An inside source informed Retrospect that the plan was to go into effect as soon as February 29th. This article is meant as a caution to our readers. We suggest avoiding the second floor hallway on that date.  In fact, Mr. Kollin, HB’s esteemed Latin teacher, said in an exclusive interview yesterday that if the plan were to come into action, he would strictly avoid leaving the Latin room on the first floor. Many other teachers that wished to remain unnamed echoed his sentiments.

We have been informed that shelter and food will be available to all seeking aid in the student center on the 29th. It is strongly suggested that students not leave the student center or use the stairs near the English room unless absolutely necessary.

On the contrary, the new exhibit is a great opportunity for anyone seeking a fashionable upgrade in their wardrobe. An anonymous group of sophomores said that they would be walking through the hallway every day! While most of the student body is unhappy with the new plan, there are those that appreciate this new teacher initiative and are hoping to eventually get involved in the executive workings of the exhibit.

We end this article with a disclaimer: If you wish to enjoy the festivities of the 29th, please walk through the hallway. However, if you are a sensible human being and do not wish to be covered in gallons of extremely colorful paint, please take shelter in the student center.

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