By Magda Ellis

Aquaman is a superhero movie based on the Aquaman DC comics that aired on December 21, 2018. It is directed by James Wan who is most known for directing Saw, both Conjuring movies and Insidious movies, and Furious 7.  


The movie starts when Aquaman’s mother and queen of Atlantis, Atlanna ran away from her home and was saved by the man Thomas Curry. The two fell in love and had a child named Arthur(soon to be known as Aquaman) however,  Atlanna was forced to head back to Atlantis. Years later, Arthur in order to save the surface and Atlantis from a brutal war led by the power-hungry King Orm (Arthur’s half-brother). The only way for him to stop this war was to find the Trident of Altan, Atlantis’ first king and use its power to become the king.


Arthur Curry/Aquaman

The main character of the movie and the future king of Atlantis despite him being only half-Altean. He looks for the trident in order to watch over the earth and protect his father.


She is the princess of a neighboring tribe and becomes Arthur’s main love interest during the movie. She tries to convince Arthur that he is the rightful ruler of Atlantis and is the person that informs him of the possible war between the land and sea. Throughout the movie she learns to see the beauty of earth and have less rage towards the human race. She has hydrokinesis, the power to manipulate water and enhanced strength and speed.

Nuidis Vulko

He is Arthur’s teacher and Orm’s right-hand man. He works as a double-agent throughout the film, aiding Orm in politics but helping Arthur by giving him information about the trident.


Orm is the current king and main antagonist of the movie and desires to rule the entire sea and get revenge on the surface for what humanity has done to the ocean (marine pollution). He reminds me vaguely of Killmonger from Black Panther, a character that has a complex moral compass and even though he is the villain you can agree that he might have a point.

David Kane / Black Manta

David is a mercenary fueled by revenge to kill Arthur. He is a genius inventor and uses a helmet that can shoot out plasma. He is ruthless and does not hesitate to kill anyone that stands in his way which gives the movie much higher stakes.


The queen of Atlantis and Orm’s and Arthur’s mother. She is caring and kind and she promises her husband that she will come back someday.


I came into this movie with very low expectations and when I came out I was pleasantly surprised. The first thing that I immediately loved were the visuals. The visuals and CGI are bright and very well done especially when it shows the Altean buildings, creatures, and other aspects of the culture. The fights scenes are also well done with good choreography and effects. The characters are memorable and I thought the interactions were well done. Arthur is a lovable and interesting character to root for and see how he develops into a strong leader by the end of the movie. The soundtrack is top notch and easy to sing along to. However, the movie is long at two and a half hours so the beginning of the movie can feel like it is dragging slightly. Overall though it is a very entertaining experience and I would recommend it.