By Emme Semarjian and Courtney Conrad

On Sunday, February 4, Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, otherwise known as 21 Savage, was arrested for his “unlawful” presence in the United States. The ICE learned that he came to the US (Atlanta, Georgia) in 2005 and overstayed his visa by 13 years. 21 Savage was also convicted for drug charges back in 2014, but his citizenship was not questioned then. The rapper, Killer Mike, states that 21 Savage is a hero, and belongs safe in his hometown of Atlanta, where he has caused no harm over the years. It is shown that 21 Savage never concealed his illegal status in the U.S. In 2017, he applied for a visa, but seeing as his deportation is now being considered, his application was denied. Many different protests have been held in order to stop his deportation. They have even created a petition (with 450,000 signatures), however, it was turned away by court officials. In the past, 21 Savage has used his fame as a way to help his community by organizing back to school drives in East Altanta and teaming up with PUMA for a halloween party for kids in the South Dekalb Mall. He also has started an organization called the 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign in order to teach kids financial literacy, which he announced while he was on Ellen. The artist and activist, Khan-Cullors states that, “It’s important that people know that he is a human being”. This has been his home for a long time, and many feel that his deportation is immoral and unlawful not only for him but for his 3 children. Currently there is no official say on what will happen to 21 Savage, but there will be an ongoing investigation into the situation and a final decision will be made as soon as possible.  

Source: USA Today