By Nola Killpack

So far, 523 candidates have filed to run for president. This includes 175 Democrats, 70 Republicans, 20 Libertarians, and 13 Green candidates, as well as a record number of women, a couple of anarchists, and a whole lot of glass ceilings ready to be broken. Here are some of the most notable candidates so far:


Corey Booker: Together, America, We Will Rise

  • New Jersey senator

Pete Buttigieg

  • Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
  • Would be the first openly gay and the youngest president (serving at 39)

Julian Castro: One Nation. One Destiny

  • Mayor of San Antonio and former US secretary of housing and urban development
  • Would be the first Hispanic or Latino president

John Delaney: Focus on the Future

  • Former representative from Maryland

Tulsi Gabbard:Lead with Love

  • Representative from Hawaii
  • Would be first woman, Hindu, and Pacific Islander as president
  • *Has become very controversial for her anti-Muslim and anti-LGBTQ+ stances and Russian propaganda promoting her

Kirsten Gillibrand

  • Senator from New York
  • Would be the first woman as president

Kamala Harris: For the People

  • Senator from California
  • Would be the first Asian-American, African-American woman, and woman as president
  • Her election would also mark the first interracial couple in the White House

Amy Klobuchar

  • Senator from Minnesota
  • Would be the first woman as president

Bernie Sanders

  • Senator from Vermont

Elizabeth Warren

  • Senator from Massachusetts
  • Would become the first woman as president

Marianne Williamson

  • Calls for a ‘moral and spiritual awakening’ in US
  • Author, lecturer, and Oprah’s spiritual advisor
  • Would be the first woman as president

Andrew Yang: Humanity First

  • Entrepreneur
  • Would become the first Asian-American president
  • *Wants to give “Freedom Dividends” of $1000 per month to all US citizens ages 18-64


Donald Trump: Keep America Great

  • I think we all know who he is.

Bill Weld

  • Former Massachusetts governor
  • *Anti-Trump


Adam Kokesh

  • Wants an “orderly dissolution of the federal government”
  • *Just got bailed out of jail

Vermin Supreme: A Dictator You Can Trust!

  • Known for wearing a boot as a hat and carrying around a large toothbrush
  • *Campaign based on laws requiring teeth-brushing, zombie apocalypse awareness, time travel research, and free ponies for all
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