Your Guide to the 2020 Presidential Candidates (So Far…)

By Nola Killpack

So far, 523 candidates have filed to run for president. This includes 175 Democrats, 70 Republicans, 20 Libertarians, and 13 Green candidates, as well as a record number of women, a couple of anarchists, and a whole lot of glass ceilings ready to be broken. Here are some of the most notable candidates so far:


Corey Booker: Together, America, We Will Rise

  • New Jersey senator

Pete Buttigieg

  • Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
  • Would be the first openly gay and the youngest president (serving at 39)

Julian Castro: One Nation. One Destiny

  • Mayor of San Antonio and former US secretary of housing and urban development
  • Would be the first Hispanic or Latino president

John Delaney: Focus on the Future

  • Former representative from Maryland

Tulsi Gabbard:Lead with Love

  • Representative from Hawaii
  • Would be first woman, Hindu, and Pacific Islander as president
  • *Has become very controversial for her anti-Muslim and anti-LGBTQ+ stances and Russian propaganda promoting her

Kirsten Gillibrand

  • Senator from New York
  • Would be the first woman as president

Kamala Harris: For the People

  • Senator from California
  • Would be the first Asian-American, African-American woman, and woman as president
  • Her election would also mark the first interracial couple in the White House

Amy Klobuchar

  • Senator from Minnesota
  • Would be the first woman as president

Bernie Sanders

  • Senator from Vermont

Elizabeth Warren

  • Senator from Massachusetts
  • Would become the first woman as president

Marianne Williamson

  • Calls for a ‘moral and spiritual awakening’ in US
  • Author, lecturer, and Oprah’s spiritual advisor
  • Would be the first woman as president

Andrew Yang: Humanity First

  • Entrepreneur
  • Would become the first Asian-American president
  • *Wants to give “Freedom Dividends” of $1000 per month to all US citizens ages 18-64


Donald Trump: Keep America Great

  • I think we all know who he is.

Bill Weld

  • Former Massachusetts governor
  • *Anti-Trump


Adam Kokesh

  • Wants an “orderly dissolution of the federal government”
  • *Just got bailed out of jail

Vermin Supreme: A Dictator You Can Trust!

  • Known for wearing a boot as a hat and carrying around a large toothbrush
  • *Campaign based on laws requiring teeth-brushing, zombie apocalypse awareness, time travel research, and free ponies for all

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