By Charlotte Wasserman

Spring is on its way, which means we can start to ease into spring fashion. Here is one week of stylish ideas for this spring season, with an outfit a day to keep the doctor away.

Monday is always the day where it is super hard to roll out of bed. You’re just getting back to the grind from the weekend. Monday is the day of dreading EVERYTHING. To style up, and make your day more exciting, try out a mini skirt, long comfy sweater, and Doc Marten boots.

Tuesday, you’re slowly marking off each day to the weekend. You think to yourself, let’s just get through this day, then it will be the middle of the week. I feel that I can be more fashionably creative on Tuesdays. Here, I pop in some color, with the tee shirt, ripped jeans, and Vegas, each article of clothing adding more attitude to the outfit to help get through Tuesday.

Wednesday, two days down, two to go. You can feel the weekend coming, and start to break out the cozy flannel and mini skirt with Doc Martens. The flannel is for comfort, and mini skirt to get excited for warmer weather. Having the contrast of long sleeve and a skirt keeps you ready for 50 and 60-degree weather, as well as motivated for Wednesday.

Thursday: you are so close to a break, to freedom and weekend adventures. On the weekend you dress up with friends when you go to hang out. Thursday is the day to start generating those fashion ideas. Since spring is the shortcut to summer, bringing out summer rompers and blossoming shoes is perfect. I like wearing this red romper, white Toms, and a jean jacket for the chilly mornings on spring Thursdays.

Friday – the day of the weekend starting, meaning you better bust out over-the-top style. This outfit does not exactly follow the dress code, but it can be modified to do so. Spring says white jeans are back, which means you better wear them now because Labor Day comes sooner than you think. White jeans, a retro tank, and Birkenstocks says it all, especially on a Friday.