By: Chandini Antal

As many of us know, a bunch of TV classics have been given a reboot. There have been numerous in the past few years like Fuller House, Girl Meets World, or even the new 90210. There are some beloved shows, but is bringing them back really the best thing to do? Especially for the new generations who do not know these shows aren’t original. They think the new versions are actually new and are in for a rude awakening when their parents tell them what they are really missing out on. With all these new reboots does it ruin the shows of the past? I think this is an essential question to consider.

Instead of making new TV shows a lot of companies are just making old ones and not coming up with as many new ideas. These companies often try to set the new show in the present, but that really takes away from the original version because it was specifically set for that period in time, as the new shows today should be as well. I think it’s sad that the younger kids today will look at the live action Kim Possible, and think that’s really what the show actually is.