By Carys Bowen

Anything, eaten every day, can become boring and dull. It only makes sense that on a lazy Sunday, or for a fancy brunch, or during a fun slumber party, something interesting and special is served. But is that something called “pancakes” or “waffles”? It was a close race, but it seems that the HB Upper School is in favor of the latter.

This preference is the most pronounced in the ninth grade, with 24 people (58.5%) preferring waffles and 17 people (41.5%) preferring pancakes.

The grade with the most diverse answers is eleventh grade. Along with the 13 waffle people (56.5%) and the 8 pancake people (34.8%), there was one French toast person and one “both” person (4.3% each).

Tenth grade has the most French toast people, coming in at two respondents (6.6%). The rest of the answers are equally split between “pancakes” and “waffles”: each answer has 14 people, or 46.7%.

Twelfth grade is also equally split between pancakes and waffles, with 17 people each. With no other answers, there is nothing to get in the way of that perfect “50%.”

Whether it’s pancakes or waffles for you, happy breakfasting!