By Caroline McCarthy

For those of you who have been paying attention to the presidential nominees for this upcoming 2020 presidential election, you will have noticed the wide array of faces, old and new, coming to play for the Democratic nomination. From Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders to Kamala Harris there is no saying who could take the lead quite yet. However, there is one candidate that has many people interested in what he will bring to the table: Cory Booker. He is a current Senator from New Jersey who very much so represents young Congress and the ideals that may begin to emerge over our generation’s early voting years. Here are some things that make him very interesting and why he differs from many other candidates:

  1. He is the first black senator from New Jersey
  2. He’s vegan
  3. He was the mayor of New Jersey and is notoriously known for shoveling citizen’s driveways and rescuing his neighbor from a fire
  4. He was the first black American to join the Senate since Obama
  5. If elected, he would be the first unmarried man in the Oval Office in more than a century.
  6. He is the only Senator who lives in a low-income, inner-city community

From this list, you can see he is clearly not your run-of-the-mill senator or candidate. He believes in uniting our country which will prove to be vital after the past extremely dividing years. He is someone who wants to make sure Americans, from the 1% to our working class citizens, are getting what they need and deserve. Whether it be racial equality, increased minimum wage, or Medicare, he wants to put all citizens first.

He is a candidate, I feel, that the US needs right now, but in reality, his electability is low. He is a young, black, unmarried man who has many great, yet controversial ideas. He would, most likely, fail to flip enough red votes blue, which has proven problematic for several past candidates. I feat that the US desperately needs him, but in some ways, isn’t quite ready for him yet. But, I still hold faith in him and will be watching closely to see what happens over the course of this next election season. Hopefully, it’ll be Cory in the house.His election announcement video: