By Sophie Weyn

Cleveland is an awesome city because there are so many cool places to explore. From Shaker Heights to Little Italy to Cleveland Heights to Lakewood, there are so many little, quaint suburbs and areas to discover. I personally love doing homework at coffee shops in these areas because the environment inspires me as I grab a cup of my favorite tea or coffee and a croissant on a Sunday morning. A friend of mine and I are determined to do some more exploring before we leave for college in the fall because we want to see as much of our beautiful city as we can before we say goodbye for a while. Here are some great suggestions for cool, less mainstream coffee shops around Cleveland!

Rising Star — Van Aken District, Downtown Cleveland, Little Italy

Presti’s Bakery — Little Italy

Algebra Tea House — Little Italy

Phoenix Coffee Co. — Cleveland Heights

Bill’s Coffee Shop — Mayfield

Dewey’s Coffee Shop — Cleveland Heights

Juma Gallery — Shaker Heights

J Pistone — Shaker Heights

Goodkind Coffee — Lakewood

The Root Café — Lakewood

Tame Rabbit — Chagrin Falls

Vintage Tea and Coffee — Cleveland

Koffie Cafe — Cleveland

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