Spongebob Squarepants: A Childhood Experience

By Anna Sharkunov

The creator of spongebob, Stephen Hillenburg passed away a couple months ago from ALS. Although most of this article is about how spongebob is inappropriate. The old episodes compared to the new episodes show a big difference. The episodes that were created by Stephen were very wholesome and were made with effort. The old episodes were drawn by hand as in comparison the newer ones are animated.

I had heard of people not being able to watch SpongeBob Squarepants. This felt like a surprise to me because when I was little SpongeBob was one of the only things I watched and has made me into the person I am today. I wanted to know how many people were able to watch SpongeBob, so I surveyed 20 random people at Hathaway Brown that are students. 19 people said that they were allowed to watch it and 1 person was not. Even though only one person said they were not allowed to watch SpongeBob, I knew that a lot of other people were specifically not allowed to watch. The results of the data are skewed, but I think we all know people who weren’t aloud to watch the show. I started to research and watch SpongeBob to try and find out why some parents would not want their child to watch the yellow sponge.

I found a gross video called “why some kids could not watch SpongeBob”. The video was of Squid ward getting his toe nail pulled off from a table incident. Even though the show is a cartoon, the video was quite disturbing It did tend to show scenes from the newer episodes of Spongebob, though. I also found a compilation of inappropriate scenes from the show. Some of the scenes from SpongeBob where slightly inappropriate with subtle, weird messages but some of the scenes were obvious and had inappropriate messages. I was starting to understand why some kids were not allowed to watch. Although some of my childhood is now ruined, SpongeBob has made some pretty good memes that make up for that.


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