By: Hannah Saltz

Recently, the issue of vaccination has been circulating the news. It is legally required in every state throughout the United States (except California, Mississippi, and West Virginia) for parents to vaccinate their infants. Eighteen other states (one being Ohio) have allowed parents to opt out of vaccination for “personal reasons.” According to US National Library of Medicine, the four main reason some parents choose not to vaccinate their kids are for religious reasons, personal beliefs, philosophical reasons, and safety concerns. Especially on social media, those who are against vaccination are receiving backlash. For example, Kat Von D recently announced that she will not be vaccinating her baby, Leafer, who was born in early December 2018. Kat is the owner of a famous makeup company, Kat Von D Beauty and had a television show following her journey as a tattoo artist. Her announcement about not vaccinating her newborn caused lots of backlash from her supporters in the beauty community which led to her makeup company losing a significant amount of business.

Within the past few months, the states of Oregon and Washington have suffered from a measles outbreak, simply due to the lack of vaccinated children.

On a personal note, I believe that parents (in all states) should be legally required to vaccinate their children, regardless of their beliefs. The recent measles outbreak in the Northwest has proven that vaccinations do more good than bad and without them, deadly diseases from the past could recur.