By: Kate Slesh

Some US populations are experiencing colder days than most, especially in Chicago. There have been many articles about Chicago being colder than Antarctica this time of year. Chicago temperatures (with windchill) is shown to be between -25 to -65 degrees. Crazy! It is shown to be the lowest temperature of all time in Chicago. Tomorrow, Wednesday January 30th it is supposed to be -1 degrees without windshield in Cleveland. Most people are hoping for a cold day and a break from school, me as well. Some studies say if you are outside for more than 20 minutes you can get frostbite. Also, with this weather many planes are being delayed or cancelled for Wednesday. In Chicago, around 1,200 flights were cancelled.

I talked to my friend who lives in Chicago and she said, “I got the whole week off of school!!!” I was very jealous but seeing the temperatures they were dealing with, made me think otherwise. THANKFULLY! All HB students got Wednesday and Thursday off of school! I woke up on Wednesday and stepped outside, but only lasted 1 minute because I couldn’t feel my toes! Crazy!! Then later when I went out to get lunch with my brother I had to put on three layers!