The Trendiest Foods of 2018

By Rose Gaudiani 

Edible flowers 

Whole Foods named floral flavors one of the top trends from 2018, saying that petals can make for a “subtly sweet taste and fresh aromatics.” From botanic beverages to trendy home cooking, edible flowers have had a growing presence in 2018. You may have come across them as garnish for dishes served in Michelin starred restaurants, or even in your local grocery store orfarmer’s market.

Fermented and pickled veggies

While some vegetables have been known to contribute to bloating and indigestion, fermented or pickled vegetables such as miso, kimchi, and kefir have actually been proven to aid digestion. This ability to nourish gut health has led to the increasing popularity of pickled and fermented
vegetables this past year. Meat alternatives/Plant based burgers. When the first meatless burger was introduced in New York City by David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi, vegetarians and carnivores alike went wild. Its likeness to meat’s pink color and flavor is due to a molecule called heme. It has been welcomed as a viable meat alternative and even called “a possible stepping stone to more environmentally sustainable meat alternatives” by BBC. From zucchini burgers to quinoa and black bean burgers, the meatless burger has pioneered the establishment of new plant based protein alternatives.

Thai rolled ice cream

Originally from Thailand, this unique style of ice cream has become increasingly popular this past year as a result from its intriguing preparation. Liquid ice cream is poured onto a cold slate, which causes it to freeze. While still on the slate, the ice cream is chopped and rolled by hand. Then it is served in a cup with various toppings. Here in Cleveland, you can try a taste of this delicious dessert at 0 Below on Coventry in Cleveland Heights.

Vegetable Carb Substitutes

With the growing popularity of low carb diets, chefs and foodies alike have been inventing new ways to substitute carbohydrates with vegetables. From butternut squash fries to cauliflower pizza crust to zucchini noodles, these substitutes have not only been found to be low in calories but also tasty and flavorful.

Organic produce

Organic food production has become increasingly popular due the growing value of the connection between health, diet, and the environment. Consumers are able to eat cleaner and fresher produce with no chemicals and synthetic pesticides and better soil management. The organic food market in the United States hit $45.2 billion in sales in 2017, a record. Total organic sales in 2017 were $49.4 billion, also up 6.4%, as sales of organic non-food products rose 7.4% to $4.2 billion according to Food Business News. You can currently find organic foods in numerus nearby groceries stores and at your local farmer’s market.

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