By: Ivy Wang

After researching about snow days/school cancellations due to winter weather in other countries, I concluded that many countries in the world will cancel for snow but they don’t call it “snow days”. North American & the UK seem to be the only ones who really call them “snow days”. Some places don’t cancel school but attendance is up to discretion. Countries, such as Russia or Canada, that have long, cold winters, tend to not have snow days as they are prepared for any kind of harsh winter weather. These are some countries that have snow days and some that don’t really have them. (This is obviously only a few countries.)

Yes: school’s closeNo: school’s don’t close
Canada: northern Canada rarely close
UK: deals badly with winter weather
Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Belgium, Italy, Turkey China: didn’t use to have snow days
India, Japan: has snow melting pipes on some streets
Brazil, Argentina, Mexico,Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand
Austria: excused if miss school due to snow
Sweden: very prepared (use snowmobiles!)
Russia: sometimes primary schools close
Romania, Norway,

It’s so nice to live in a country that has snow days since they’re a good time to relax and obviously not have school. But the US definitely should learn better snow management from some other northern countries because it’s not fun when there are so many snow days that we have to go to school an extra day at the end of the year. It’s also really strange to me that all the countries that get super cold and snowy don’t close – but it makes sense since they probably would never have school if they closed for snow.