Top 2018 Trends Recap

By: Radhika Dutta

In 2018, there were many wild and interesting trends that were on social media. I have picked some of the most popular ones to remind you the weird trends that happened.

Yanny or Laurel

In May of 2018, an audio clip illusion of a re-recording of a vocabulary word plus added background sounds was released. This made the world go crazy. Everywhere you went you would hear “Do you guys hear yanny or laurel.” I always seemed to hear yanny!  


Although the online video game initially came out in July of 2017, in 2018 Fortnite came out on mobile devices. This is when the game skyrocketed. Lots of people were posting on social medias about Victory Royales and people would reenact to the popular fortnite dances. I personally am not very good at Fortnite!

Tide Pod Challenge

I simply don’t understand this challenge, but in 2018 people were eating tide pods. If you don’t know what tide pods, it is a laundry detergent. A lot of memes were made of course and spread through social media. People were eating them and some even died. The company was in trouble, but it really wasn’t the company’s fault that people were eating laundry detergent, which is obviously not edible. I think we can all agree this was the stupidest trend of 2018.


If you didn’t see or wear wear scrunchie this 2018, were you even there? Scrunchies came back from the 80s and made an appearance in 2018. I love scrunchies, either in my hair or on my wrist. They are so comfortable and come in many sizes and colors! I have about 20 just lying around at home!

Bird Box

Although this trend is still happening in 2019, the movie Bird Box was released on December 13, 2018. Many memes have been on social media about this movies. The movie was a great scary thriller. The movie turned into a challenge as well. People have been posting on social media them trying to do things while being blindfolded. It is a dangerous challenge as people have been injured while doing it so I wouldn’t attempt it if I were you!

“They did surgery on a grape.”

This trend still confuses me, but apparently there was a robot designed to do surgery, which they tested on a grape. The video and saying soon went viral. If someone would say, “They did surgery on a grape,” everyone would be confused about who is “they.” I still don’t understand why this is so funny, but somehow it made the internet laugh.

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