By: Kat Lynch

Everyone’s favorite dating TV show is back! The season starts with thirty girls fighting for one man. This season of The Bachelor features Colton Underwood, former NFL star and 26 year old virgin (something the show loves to advertise). All of the jokes are getting a bit old, but that’s just my opinion.Like yes, he’s a virgin, we get it. However, so far, I love Colton. He seems like a good hearted person, who has the right intentions, and is truly looking to find love. And, for the girls, most of their intentions are pure, and they seem genuine. Here, I’m going to go through some of the top girls and share my first impressions of them.

1. Demi: People may think Demi is immature and handles situations the wrong way. Although I have a feeling she is not going to win, I think she is so funny. She does kind of act like a child, but the way she approaches things is so funny.

2. Hannah B: I think Hannah B is gorgeous. However, I do not think she is Colton’s type. Colton says he is looking for a confident person who is ready to open up, and from her first introductions, she made clear that she had insecurities. There is nothing wrong with that because every girl has their insecurities, but on a show like this, there isn’t enough time to hold off showing who you really are.

3. Heather: Heather is beautiful, and it makes it more interesting that she has never been kissed before. This woman is perfect for this season of ‘Firsts’. I think she will go far, as Colton and her do have a very obvious connection right off the bat.

4.Catherine: If you watched the first episode, you know who Catherine is. As always, there is one woman who acts a tad crazy, and after the first episode, I was almost positive it would be her. However, after her calmness in the second episode, that may have just been a wrong first impression. We’ ll see.

These are just four of the thirty amazing women who started on the show. These aren’t who I think will be in the final four, just who I think are the most noteworthy women from the first two episodes! If you want to check out the other women of the season, check out the link below!

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