By Jane O’Donnell and Sydney Deegan

Breakfast at Eat at Joe’s

Eat at Joe’s is a small breakfast place located in Mayfield Heights. It is family owned and a very comfortable place to eat. If you are looking for a diner to sit down for a nice plate of eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast, Eat at Joe’s is definitely for you. AND IT’S SUPER CHEAP! A standard breakfast is only $4.50. It is hands down the best and cheapest breakfast place in Cleveland.

The Flats

The Flats are definitely a staple in Cleveland. If you haven’t been, there is so much you can do. ranging from dinner and bowling with friends at Punch Bowl Social to going kayaking in the Cuyahoga River. We highly recommend Alley Cat Oyster Bar. Their lobster Mac and Cheese is TO DIE FOR and the view is beautiful.

East 4th Street

Another go-to location in Cleveland is East 4th street. This street is full of delicious restaurants and is great for pictures! There are lights that are strung through the middle of the street that make it a fun location at night. Ranging from coffee shops to nice restaurants, East 4th street is a fun and communal location.

Little Italy

Little Italy has always been popular. If you like Italian food then this is FOR SURE the place for you. Our favorite pizza place, Mama Santa’s, is in right in the middle of the lively neighborhood. There is also Presti’s, a popular bakery, where you can either get homework done or just go for the great food! From pasta and pizza to a community park, Little Italy is a for sure a hot spot.

University Circle

A young and modern neighborhood, University Circle has everything from food to museums. It is right next to Case Western Reserve University so if you go, you will definitely see a quite  few students! They have Mitchell’s, Bibibop, Tropical Cafe, Piccadilly, and more. There’s also the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Botanical Gardens, and other landmarks in Cleveland.