By Emma Gerber

It is hard to deny that our surroundings have a huge effect on our states of mind, productivity, and mood. That is exactly the reasoning of a group of HB students who have resolved to paint the atrium olive green. In an anonymous open letter addressed to Dr. Bisselle last Thursday, the students made their case for a green colored atrium.

“In a school where we are learning not for school but for life, it is important for students to understand the nature of change,” the letter reads. “Marble is already becoming outdated. We would like to propose a plan in which the atrium would be repainted every four years to enforce this recognition of change at Hathaway Brown.” The letter goes on to explain that the plan encompases painting not only the walls, but the floors and the stairs as well.

While olive green is perhaps a peculiar choice of colors, the letter addresses very specifically why it was picked. “Hathaway Brown is an institution of knowledge, so it makes sense to pay homage to the Greek goddess of knowledge, Athena. A major symbol of Athena is an olive tree, which is why the color olive was picked,” the letter states.

In regards to the actual painting of the atrium, the letter says that they believe painting the atrium would be a wonderful activity for sisterhood. “I can’t imagine a better way to unite with my sisters than a collective painting day. Not only that, but it would be a wonderful stress reliever and a good moment for all of us to learn for life and be equipped if we ever need to paint a room.

The letter did not address the cost of painting the atrium.

Caroline Cannon, a sophomore here at HB, says that she would love to see the atrium a new color. “White is so boring,” she said. “We need a little color in our lives at HB! I think it will drastically improve the attitude of everyone here.”

Mr. Parsons, HB’s own esteemed teacher and leader of the magnificent Writing Center here at HB, is also completely in favor of a color change for the Atrium. “I think that’s an awesome idea. An olive green colored atrium could be a wonderful space for inspiration and writing, not to mention it would just look cool.” The committee of HB students who are initiating this petition for change are very enthused to have Mr. Parson’s stamp of approval.

Dr. Bisselle has not yet addressed this request, but we are all waiting with baited breath to see if the plan will be approved and if the atrium will receive a fresh coat of paint.

Disclaimer: This article is completely false, and not one piece of evidence is correct. Nor are any of the quotes from the people in this article at all true quotes. However, everyone whose name was used in connection to this article was consulted and gave permission to the author to use their name.