By: Abby Coffey

We want to run, they disagree
We become free
Too hard to contain
Oh, to feel the luscious rain
Laughing with glee
Oh, how nice it is to simply be

The glistening puddle beckons
Our eyes meet
Waiting only seconds
We sprint, our hearts beat

Splash, Crack, Splash
we jump in a flash
our hearts laugh with delight
no plight in sight

they yell like a banshee
we giggle, they disagree

I walk carefully, too aware
With a familiar scowl
My soggy shows dragging in the dewy air
My weighted body, a heavy heart, everything afoul
Oh, how I long for the clear sky
Oh, how I long for a lullaby

My reflection glares back at me
No longer able to simply be
Too many cracks, too many flaws
Not enough gauze

Shout, crack, shout
Frightened out of my daze
Returned is my doubt
The world set a-blaze

I blink, the world unclear
I continue, everything to fear