by Sejal Sangani

There were a lot of concerts in 2018. I was constantly hearing about someone going to a concert or seeing videos on their Snapchat story. I asked the Upper School to rank their concert experiences on a scale from 1-10 and add any other extra information about each concert. Here are the most popular and highest-ranked concerts of 2018! (not in any particular order)

  1. Twenty One Pilots
    Average score: 10
    Out of all of the responses, Twenty One Pilots was the most popular. It was the best concert I’ve ever been to. (This article is not biased — I swear).
  2. Taylor Swift
    Average score: 8
    Taylor Swift was the second most-attended concert out of the responses. That being said, everyone wasn’t into it:
    “She didn’t play enough of her old songs and all her new songs are just petty diss tracks.”
  3. Travis Scott
    Average score: 10
    This concert was the best night of someone’s entire life.
  4. Lollapalooza
    Average score: 10
    I know this a music festival, but everyone who went really enjoyed it. It was apparently “deadass the most lit time.”
    Average score: 9
    So amazing that someone even got concussed. True story.
  6. Post Malone
    Average score: 9.5
    Post Malone had a great set and the opening acts were also really fun!
  7. Hayley Kiyoko
    Average score: 10
    “This was…. the best concert like the energy was ultra-gay and friendly and it felt so intimate and good and I love my funky little lesbian mom”
    This is perfect. I have nothing else to add.
  8. Walk the Moon
    Average score: 10
    Stephanie Kaiser has been waiting since she was in 7th grade to see them and she finally got to, so love that for her.
    Those are the most popular and highest-ranked concerts that the Upper School responded with. That doesn’t mean they were the only good ones, though! Other favorites included The Garden, Imagine Dragons, Audra McDonald Sings Broadway, Laurelive, the Cleveland Orchestra, and Billie Eilish. Here’s to even more concerts in 2019!