By: Caroline Pietrick

Division 1 soccer is a big deal all over the country. The championships happen every year around the middle of November. Both the men and women’s teams compete in this very competitive tournament, earning the title of the best D1 soccer program in the country. The women’s tournament happens first, but both the men’s and women’s are set up the same way. There are 64 teams that start out and play until there are only four teams left. Those teams are in the actual College Cup and all play in the same area. Those fours teams for the women were Florida State, Georgetown, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and Stanford. The four men’s teams included Akron, Indiana U, Michigan State, and Maryland.

The women played in Cary, North Carolina. Florida State played Stanford in the final four. They won 2-0, advancing them to the final. UNC and Georgetown was a tough game that went into overtime, yet in the end, UNC pulled through, winning 1-0. This led to Florida State playing UNC in the final. Both teams played very well, but Florida State ended up winning 1-0, becoming the 2018 Women’s College Cup Champions.

The Men’s College Cup was played in Santa Monica, California. Akron played Michigan State and easily won 5-1. Indiana fell to Maryland 0-2, an unfortunate turn of events since they were finalists in 2017. Maryland and Akron played in the final, which again, was a very intense game. Both teams had chances and failed to finish, but Maryland found the back of the net once, securing their win over Akron.

Both Maryland and Florida State are the 2018 National Champions of D1 collegiate soccer. 2018 was a great year of college soccer, but I can not wait until the fall for the 2019 season to start up.