By Claudia Binder and Jazmine Halawa

Hello upper school! Everyone deserves a little recognition because we are all doing amazing things, so we decided to do just that. Thank you for all the responses to our Google Form. We got so many responses but, unfortunately, we could only pick 3. Please take time to read these spotlights and recognize your fellow classmates’ achievements.  

Jane Berick, Grade 12

Our first spotlight is senior Jane Berick. Jane has a YouTube channel about her daily life and beauty tips. She also writes in a magazine called Balter Monthly. Down below is the link to her channel, you should all go check it out.

Charlotte Wasserman, Grade 9

Our next spotlight is Charlotte Wasserman. She is in 9th grade and writes blog for teen girls about wellness tips, food, fashion and fun!

This is the link to her blog:

Liz Keherly, Grade 9

Our last shoutout is 9th grade Liz Keherly. Liz is part of a cover band called “Stars in Our eyes. Her fellow bandmates are 9th grade Tess Hayes and 10th grader Lila Williams.

Special shoutout to Anna Keresztesy, 11th grade, for working at McDonald’s. We love that for her! We quote her when we say, “it’s VERY rad.”

It is great to see fellow HB students doing these very unique extra-curricular activities. You should all go check them out. They are super cool and a good way to get your mind off mid-year stress and relax for a few minutes.