By Caroline McCarthy

The headlines have been crazy over the past few weeks discussing the divorce of Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, and his wife, Mackenzie, who played quite a large role in the development of this major international company. The two got married prior to the company becoming the second largest company in the world by market value, and therefore no prenup was ever drafted. The couple has made several statements saying that they are going to continue their lives as friends, but this does not mean that the divorce will not be costly. While Jeff was previously the lone holder of the title of richest person in the world, after the divorce, they will be tied in that role, each having a net worth of around $65 billion. Besides the money, ahead lies another big question, what is going to happen with the multibillion-dollar company of theirs?

While their shared fortune is a large part of the issue in this divorce, another aspect that will affect many more people is the question of which path Amazon will be taking. The two appear to have good intentions for the company and are planning to make good on plans they made over the last couple of years like promises of donating to charities and opening up elementary schools in underprivileged areas. Mackenzie Bezos brought many ideas to the surface for Amazon and the company probably would not be where it is today without her. Her limited control over the actions of the company will, most likely, disappear in its entirety. This is a rare occasion of business and personal life crossing paths to an extensive amount that probably will not happen again soon, but it will be interesting to continue watching how Jeff and Amazon will continue on without her.