By: Chandini Antal

As many of you know there has been a new movement taking place right here in our very own school: specifically, The Writing Center. It’s become a whole new venue for innovation to take place. This room has become the center for puzzles, games, and even clubs like debate. But in this article, I will be discussing the puzzles movement, which I like to call the Puzzling Revolution. It all started November when the juniors had a mentor activity to complete a puzzle, and from here it got its start. The Parsons mentor group was the winner of the activity, but it did not stop there, more and more people started to join in. More puzzles were brought in, it became a phenomenon, people started bringing in a few puzzles and because they were so popular around winter break Mr. Parsons decided to buy some to add to the collection. A women scientist one and surrealism was brought in. This for me sparked more questions, walking in seeing the sheer number of pieces laying on the table, I knew this had to be examined. Overall there are about 7 puzzles, with 25 committee members. However, there have been numerous people who have worked in their free time just for a good time. They range in size from 300-1000 pieces and have taken from an hour and a half to one week to complete, which in itself is an accomplishment. All of the puzzles follow about the same routine: people work on them, take a break and finish, then deconstruct, furthering the cycle. This has been going on for some time now, and the end is not yet in sight. In addition to this, Bananagrams has made its debut at HB. Many sophomores have picked up the game and impromptu rounds after lunch. It was especially popular around the time of the musical. Both of these activities have begun to pick up more and more press by HB, teachers, and students have taken notice.

One more fascinating part of this was that these games were brought up under the radar. There was never a club or any publicity to these, yet they thrived. Everyone seemed to know what was happening even when there was no information about it. This is just another fascinating HB trend and I can’t wait to see what happens next!