by Divya Bhardwaj

December is a festive month for many, since there are many holidays in it like Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. However, one thing that’s not fun to celebrate in December is your birthday. Especially if it’s the day after Christmas. Here are three key reasons that having a birthday near Christmas sucks.

1. Presents
Call me greedy, but I think I deserve to get separate birthday and Christmas presents. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas religiously, but like many Indian people, we still do a tree and presents. It took until I was 12 years old until I realized that I would only get presents on Christmas and nothing on my birthday. My parents’ excuse was that I got more presents on Christmas than usual, but I didn’t buy it. The truth is, when your birthday is near Christmas, everyone, including your own family, forgets that it might be nice to get presents on your birthday too. Plus, I’m a twin, so people already get us both one present to share. This means that we only get one present when there should be four. Who are the greedy ones now?

2. Everyone is on vacation/spending time with their families
When your birthday over winter break, you often end up seeing no one on your birthday. You don’t celebrate it at school, which everyone is jealous of, but they don’t realize that it means you don’t see any of your friends. It would be okay if it was summer or spring break, but over the holidays, everyone is either on vacation or at home spending time with their families. When I was ten, my birthday party ended up being in February because literally no one was available until then. Not to mention that everywhere is closed or has limited holiday hours. Plus, my birthday in particular is the day after Christmas when many sales begin and everyone is returning presents, so going to anything that resembles a store is a horrible experience.

3. All the joy only happens at one point in the year
Everyone is already happy and festive in December because of winter break and the holidays. Having my birthday at this time too means there is nothing else to look forward to all year long.  All the happiness comes in one place. All my presents come at the same time. This is where the saying “too much of a good thing can be a bad thing” comes in.

Overall, having a birthday so near to Christmas is horrible in many ways. But my sister’s birthday is Christmas, so I should keep the complaining to a minimum since it could be worse.