by Simr Deo

Hi my name is Simr Deo and this is a new and possibly recurring segment of things that happen in my life! The first edition of this segment consists of 3 random and funny short stories of events in my life. I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Simr’s Simmering Tea. (credits to Shruthi Ravichandran for coming up with the name for this segment)


  1. Computer breaking


January 4th: SO here’s where we will start. My dad’s side of the family and our family went on a big vacation to Mexico for the first half of winter break and we headed back to their house in Texas for the remainder. I got home on January 4th and I had to attend a debate tournament on the 5th. I spent the entire day of the 4th writing a case and studying the topic since I hadn’t prepared yet. I told my mother that I had to be at school at 8 AM the next day. I was up until 2 AM that night, which meant I would be very tired the next day…

January 5th at 7:50 AM: I live 30 minutes from school, and I was supposed to be at school in 10 minutes, hence my stress and where it began to go downhill. I frantically changed my clothes and tried to get ready to leave while I yelled from my bedroom to downstairs where my parents’ bedroom is, saying, “MOM, MOM, MOM I AM GOING TO BE LATE AGAIN, DO YOU HEAR ME AGAIN, MOMMMMMMMM.” Now I was ready and had woken everyone on this delightful Saturday, the day after we got back from 13 days of vacation. CLEARLY, we were not (back) in the waking up early vibe. I made coffee, and then I needed to print out my debate contentions, so my computer was out next to my Keurig. I made my coffee and left it sitting on the counter next to my laptop, my beautiful laptop, soon to be deceased, may she rest in peace (well not exactly because the Apple Store recovered it, but for the sake of the story pretend she died.) My dad was in the kitchen and he dropped the coffee on my laptop but didn’t see it happen, at this point I was trying to print my contentions, but it was not going through, so I ran back to the kitchen screaming, “ITS NOT PRINTING” and that is when I saw it.

January 5th at 8:05 AM: At this point in the story, there was coffee lying on my computer and I was supposed to be at school 5 minutes ago. I began freaking out because all of my work was saved on there. I would like to remind everyone that when the coffee spilling happened I was not present, therefore it was not my fault. However, I got into trouble. My dad denied that he did it at the time, but later confessed that now when he looks back it’s possible that he committed such a heinous crime. Well, now I was being yelled at because my computer was fried and not turning on considering the coffee had soaked itself into the motherboard, and while I was being yelled at, my mother used the word motherboard and, I’m not sure why, but I found it so funny I began dying of laughter, soon to turn to tears.

January 5th: Now it was 8:10 AM, I was supposed to be at school 15 minutes ago. I grab my mom’s computer and get in the car dreading the inevitable lecture I was about to receive in the car. “How could you be so irresponsible,” were the first words my mother uttered to me after 10 minutes of silence. My simple response was “It’s not my fault,” which I screamed, but let’s not talk about that. I proceeded to get in trouble and somehow I reached school at 8:37. Clearly, there was some pent up anger that was taken out on the roads.

2 days later: My computer was fixed I lost a lot of things, but we are trying to stay thriving.


  1. The bus ❤


As I mentioned before, I live 30 minutes away and I take the bus to school because I don’t have my license yet. Anyways, I live 10 minutes from the bus stop, which is a McDonald’s parking lot. I leave my house at 6:40 every morning and the bus leaves at 6:50.

January 9th at 6:32 AM: So, yesterday I woke up at 6:32 and, frankly, I considered not waking up and making my mom drive me to school, but I persevered and got out of the nice warmth of my bed, quickly brushed my teeth and changed my clothes. There isn’t anything really special to this story, I basically just wanted to be cool and show that I could get ready in 7 minutes (so that I can be downstairs and put my shoes on and be in the car by 6:40). FLEX. Just kidding, I got to the bus stop and it was icy and I fell, so all my coffee spilled, that my mother had made for me since I woke up late. I went home, changed, and my mother took me to school. She wasn’t happy. Moral of the story, walk carefully and always bring an extra pair of clothes EVERYwhere you go, you know, just in case!


  1. Last thing in Simr’s simmering tea – THE Burrito story


I was up on Friday night until 3 AM because I was preparing for debate. I had to wake up on Saturday at 7 am, so I only got 4 hours of sleep. I was at debate all day on Saturday, and we were supposed to have a food truck, but, according to Mr. Habig, “it caught on fire.” There was pizza, but it didn’t satisfy my hunger needs.

5:40 PM: SO, on the way home I got a burrito and I was insanely excited to eat it, but my dad doesn’t let me eat in his car, so I waited until we got home and I ate half because I couldn’t finish it!

January 12th 7 PM: Remember, until this point in the day, I’d only eaten a dissatisfying piece of pizza and half a burrito. I took a shower, a nap, and then went with my mom to see her best friend and wish her a happy birthday. Also remember that my other half of the burrito is still sitting at home. We were gone for 2 hours and there was dinner at their house, however, I was WAITING to return to my abode and eat my lovely burrito.

January 12th around 9:30: I went home, opened the fridge and it was gone. My father had eaten my burrito. Usually, I would never get mad over such a thing, but considering the fact that I was just out, where there was dinner and I didn’t eat because I was waiting to eat a heavenly creation, known as the burrito, I was SLIGHTLY upset that someone, who might I add wasn’t a burrito lover, wasted it on their stomach. I ate a bowl of cereal (Lucky Charms, if you were wondering) and went to sleep.


Thank you for reading Simr’s Simmering Tea. Have a lovely (knock on wood) two cold days! May Mother Nature continue to give us cold weather:)


On next week’s edition – best and worst birthday experiences