By Kate Hickey

Ahhhh- the approaching January 1ST date…we all know what that means. The looming pressure to change your lifestyle for your health and happiness. A week filled with “I’m looking into gym memberships…you know I’m going to start working out every day” or “I’ll just take one bite of that carb and sugar loaded cupcake—it’s all protein shakes from here on out,” or my personal favorite, “I’m starting that next week.” Why does everyone feel the continued societal pressure to halt all healthy habits until the calendar turns?

I for one, am extremely exhausted from the nonsense otherwise known as “New Year’s Resolutions.” I find it so aggravating that people feel they can’t change their ways until January 1st. From my personal experience, those who adopt resolutions for the new year often abandon their annual pledges by approximately January 12th.  I conducted some brief research and found that nine out of ten people can’t remember their resolutions from 2018—a glowing endorsement for the farce that is New Year’s resolutions.

“I’m going to be a nicer person this year!” Suzanne, you’re allowed to be a nice person in December—you don’t have to wait until January 1st. As January has progressed, I have witnessed the complete abandonment of New Year’s resolutions, further proving the frivolous nature of changing intentions for the beginning of the calendar year. So this year, I think it would best for all to change whenever you want. New Year’s resolutions, more like New Year’s resoproblems.