By: Kate Slesh

I believe there are many differences between the new iPhone X and the regular iPhone. The iPhone X does not have a home button like the previous versions of Iphones. I have had an iPhone X for 7 months and it took me a week to adjust to having Face ID instead of a thumbprint to get into your phone. I find this more efficient because sometimes the thumb print doesn’t work. Also your phone only opens to your specific face which is efficient and helps keep people who aren’t you away from your phone! Another factor that is different about the X is that there is no headphone jack- instead you plug your headphones into your charging area which projects sound. Having the iPhone X for several months I found it to be a lot faster than other phones. Transitioning back to using my parents or friends’ phones has proven difficult because I have gotten so used to life without a home button. Apple is talking about bringing back the home button on the next version of the X which I believe will not be successful because many people love the Face ID and find it effective.