By: Lucia Passarelli and Brooklyn Napolitano

Everyone gets clothes that they later regret buying, but there are many steps to take before just getting rid of them, and they might even become one of your favorite pieces.

1. Bleaching clothes:

Bleaching t-shirts or sweatshirts is super easy, and very on trend. It’s also great for hiding stains on clothing.

2. Cutting clothes:


Cutting the bottom of a shirt to make it shorter, or even the collar of a sweatshirt can completely change the look of a piece.

3. Sewing clothes:


There are so many ways you can use sewing to change to look of clothes. Some ideas are cutting the sleeves off of one sweatshirt and adding them to another or attaching a new pocket to a shirt.

4. Adding patches:


Adding patches to any piece of clothing makes them look much more original, fun, and, and unique.

5. Selling:


While this technically isn’t a way to repurpose your clothes, it is something super easy that allows you make some extra cash. If you try some of the options above and still don’t like the result there are many online sites that allow you to sell slightly used clothes. Poshmark and Depop are great for this.