Great British Baking Show

By: Claire McKenna

If you’re looking for a new show on Netflix or just want to feel eternally happy, The Great British Baking Show is the perfect show for you. The Great British Baking Show is exactly what it sounds like, a baking show filmed in Britain, yet it is so much more. Each season begins with around twelve contestants, but unlike other baking shows where the contestants come in with a cutthroat attitude and a lifetime of experience in the baking business, the contenders of the Great British Baking Show are people that love to bake in their free time. The contestants are a mix of high-school students, senior citizens, and every age in between. This delightful mix of people come from all types of backgrounds and form endearing friendships. They even help each other during stressful parts of the various challenges. By the end of the ten-episode season, you will probably find yourself, as I often have, way too emotionally attached to each of the finalists.

Only four people return season after season: Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc, and Sue Perkins. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are the two judges of the show. While Paul gives brutally honest feedback, Mary critiques each platter judiciously always finding something right in a burnt soufflé or a pie with a dreaded “soggy-bottom.” Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins are there for pure comedic relief and support. They kick off each challenge with a simple “ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, BAKE!” and keep bakers encouraged with their powerful, positive energy.

ALSO if you watch this show, you will finally be able to witness thousands of these pure, hysterical, and heartwarming moments.

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