By: Maddie Groof

While skiing itself is fun, we are quite limited in Cleveland. We do have two small ski resorts, Boston Mills and Brandywine, but once you reach a certain level, they just aren’t fun anymore. I myself am definitely not an expert skier, but even going there with friends just wasn’t what I wanted. So, my family and I travel to Park City, Utah every winter break.

Breakdown of the Resort:

  • 341 trails
  • 41 lifts
  • 14 bowls (ungroomed ski area)
  • Over 7,300 acres

If you are looking for a challenge, but think Peek n’ Peak and Holiday Valley are too crowded or limited, Park City gives you both privacy and freedom!

Ah, I sound like I’m making a commercial..

My Review:

I have traveled to Park City since I was in fourth grade (I’m in ninth grade now), and it has to be one of the best places I’ve ever skied! Not only can you see for miles from practically anywhere on the mountain, even the base camps, but the resort is big enough that, if you go to the right places, you will barely run into anyone for a whole day (that means no one will watch you as you fall).

The “Park City Ski Resort” is actually a name for two separate parks that are connected by a gondola (tiny transport box-lift). The two parks are called Canyons on the left-most side, and Park City on the right. The two resorts merged in 2015, but people still refer to the sides as separate parks. Personally, I believe that Park City (the side) is more beginner to intermediate, while Canyons is more intermediate to advanced. Additionally, since Park City’s (the side) base is in town, it’s more crowded than Canyons. Besides that, the only other park that gets crowded is a Canyons lift called Tombstone and the two main lifts at the Canyons base, Red Pine Gondola and the Orange Bubble Lift.

Two other major factors which make this park great are its accessibility and altitude. Park City is only a short drive away from the Salt Lake City Airport, which makes it easier to access than resorts like Vail or Breckenridge. Additionally, unlike those resorts, it’s at a lower altitude, meaning there is a lower chance of getting altitude sickness.

In conclusion, as one of the largest resorts in the US, Park City is also one of the best. If you ever get the chance to ski.