By: Radhika Dutta

Disney has impacted all our lives in one way or the other. Either you were the biggest fan of Hannah Montana, Suite life of Zack and Cody, Camp Rock, High School Musical, Wizards of Waverly Place, (like me), or you love going to the magical theme parks. As Disney keeps growing, so do their new ideas. Disney has announced that they are coming out with Disney+, which will be a new streaming platform for old and new disney movies, star wars, and marvel movies. This news has confused people, so I am here to clear some things up.

I did some research on Disney+ and here is what I found out:

It will be much cheaper than Netflix. With this new streaming platform being less expensive, lots of Netflix members might switch over, which is not good for Netflix.

All Disney shows and films on Netflix will be taken down. This is the most devastating news for me. I am an active Netflix watcher and love the occasional Disney throwback. Oh well, I guess I better start binging it all before March 2019!

-Disney+ will have a new series based on Monsters Inc. and High School Musical. I know what you are all thinking, no the OG cast of HSM will not be in the new series, I did a proper investigation and found out the sad news, but still exciting!

There is not a whole ton of information on Disney+, but I am excited to see if it is worth it to subscribe to yet another streaming platform. I personally think Disney is taking a step in the right direction. Now people can watch Disney anytime and anywhere. Plus, they can have access to new exclusive series. We can only wait and see if Disney+ is as good as Disney’s other accomplishments!

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