By Evelyn Burdsall

Over this Thanksgiving Break, I saw my two twin cousins, Drew and John, who are in their senior year in college. Since I am new to HB, I decided to interview them and see if their experience with going to a new high school and a new college was similar.

Question 1: How many classes do you have to take your freshman year?

Drew: I had to take four credit hour classes at Denison for each semester. Plus one extra class which was a music class.

John: I had to take at least 12 credit hour classes, each class I took was three credit hours so I took four classes per semester.

Question 2: How much homework do you have a night?

Drew: It does depend on what day it is, so the average would be about three or four hours of homework.

John: I have about 4 or a little bit more hours of homework a night

Question 3: Did you have time to go hang out with friends on weekends?

Drew: Yes, I had plenty of time.

John: Yes.

Question 4: Is the classwork, homework, and exams manageable?

Drew: Yes, for me it is. I haven’t had much trouble except when I have three papers and an exam all on one day, it does build up sometimes.

John: Yes, as long as I plan out my time so that even when exams or projects in different classes line up on the same day I am prepared.

Question 5: On average, how much sleep did you get a night your freshman year?

Drew: I probably got seven or eight hours of sleep every night.

John: I probably got nine hours of sleep a night.

Question 6: Did studying for exams take up all of your time or did you have time to relax and unwind?

Drew: I just spent most of my time taking notes for my degrees, but I could go out and relax when I wanted too.

John:  I had time to relax and unwind even on the exam week, I would build in time to relax so I could study effectively.

Question 7: Was it easy to make a group of friends during the first two weeks?

Drew: Yes, but you’re not always friends with the same group later on because you meet new people who you have more things in common.

John: Yes, but some of my friends during the first two weeks, some are not the same now because as the year went on people started shifting around to find friends who have the same interests.

Question 8: Were the teachers available to help you when you didn’t understand something?

Drew: Yes.

John: Yes.

Question 9: How many classes did you have to take before you could pick what you wanted to study?

Drew: I couldn’t decide what I wanted in freshman year, but I did decide at the end of sophomore year.

John: At the beginning of freshman year, I could have taken my major. I didn’t end up taking the classes until the middle of sophomore year.

Question 10: How did you find a balance between your academic life and your social life?

Drew: Academic life for me didn’t take a lot of time with my schedule. Social life for me was all my free time.

John: I didn’t have a problem with that. For me, I forced myself not to do homework during lunch so that I could hang out with my friends.

I thought that this could help some seniors if they are really stressed about college and the workload. For my cousins, at least, it’s not bad at all and it’s pretty manageable.