By Claire Adornato

These past weeks have been filled with so much fun and enjoyment with the Aussies at HB. Unfortunately, their five weeks in Cleveland are coming to a close, so here are some of Annabelle’s, Charlotte’s, and Katie’s thoughts on Cleveland and HB.

1. What is your favorite thing that you’ve done in Cleveland?

A: “School.”

C: “Seeing the local area.”

K: “Hanging out with family and going Black Friday shopping.”

2. Are Pumpkin Spice Lattes even better than you thought?

A: “Yes.”

C: “No because there was such big hype about them, so I had really high expectations. However, when I tried them I didn’t really understand what all the hype was. I thought it was going to be a bit sweeter. It wasn’t bad, just not my number one choice. ”

K: “Yes.”

3. What do you love about HB?

A: “Lab, and how you can get tea and a wide range of things.”

C: “The teachers are really caring and it’s a supportive community.”

K: “The connection between the different years and KP.”

4. Who has been your favorite teacher and why?

A: “J-Mo, he looks like the guy from Up, and he’s interesting. He’s really enthusiastic about his job, and really helped us with photo because we had no idea what to do. He took time out of his class to help. ”

C: “J-Mo because he’s funny and took a lot of interest in us, and he was different from other teachers. He loves his job, which made us love his class. He always has so much energy that rubs off on us, and he’s always in a good mood. He always made us feel welcome. ”

K: “KP, he allows me to be integrated in class, and the class is interesting. He’s always asking if I have any questions and he’s nice.”

5. Did you like the snow?

A: “Yes, I wished it snowed more.”

C: “Loved it.”

K: “Yes.”

6. What has been your favorite food that you’ve tried?

A: “Malley’s chocolate bars.”

C: “Mac and cheese because it’s such a classic American food that served at nearly every restaurant here! It was a really yummy, basic meal that will always remind me of the U.S. ”

K: “Joni’s (my friend) mac and cheese.”

7. What are your thoughts on the brown bag?

A: “Love it.”

C: “Expensive, but I like it. Love the merch.”

K: “Love it.”

8. How did you like Halloween and Thanksgiving?

A: “Really cool, I love turkey and potatoes.”

C: “Different and really cool.”

K: “I like the sweet potato casserole and cornbread.”

9. What are you going to miss the most?

A: “The people.”

C: “The fact that we don’t have work to do and the people, specifically Eleina.”

K: “Same, the people and Buffy (my dog).”

10. Lastly, would you come back to Cleveland.”

A: “Yes, if I could come back to this school.”

C: “Yes, I would live here.”

K: “Yes, I would come to visit.”