By: Courtney Conrad and Emme Semarjian

*Facts updated as of 11/20/18*

Starting on November 8, close to 10,000 structures in both Northern and Southern California have been destroyed, due to the uncontainable wildfires that have startled the nation. In Northern California, the creatively named “Camp Fire” began outside of Sacramento, the state’s capital, and over one week, has been 35 percent contained. The Washington Post quoted Scott McClean, who stated that, “The fire is moving football-field lengths within seconds”. In SoCal, the Woolsey Fire has destroyed over 98,362 acres of land from Los Angeles to Ventura Country. With a significantly less death toll, and a higher containment rate, the Woolsey Fire poses a bit of a lesser threat to the general population of California, but it is still causing terror wherever it goes. Celebrities that live in the greater LA area have found their homes to be completely burned to the ground, including Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and Gerard Butler. Many others have evacuated their homes, unsure when to return.

These wildfires have been labeled some of the most deadly wildfires in California’s history, and thousands of people are being evacuated and forced to leave belongings, pets, and their life behind. Even if you do not have a personal connection to the fires, it could be a good idea to donate to the people in California who are struggling after they lost their homes or family members. These are some organizations that are accepting donations and all the proceeds with go to helping the victims:

(click on the link and it will tell you how you can donate)


These are super easy ways to help, and it will ask for any sort of donation! Even though it may be after Thanksgiving, you still have a chance to give back and help people who are in need.

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