By Ainsley Bradbury

When people ask me what kind of music I like, I tell them that I listen to songs that fit into a theme, not a specific genre. My first themed playlist was songs about driving. I played the it the first time I drove on my own. After I grew bored listening to songs about driving, I reverted to my old music-listening habits. I still listen to ‘regular’ playlists, but I sometimes make a themed playlist for a special occasion or when inspiration hits. For example, I compiled a playlist of songs about California the day I bought my plane ticket to Los Angeles. The process of making these playlists has exposed me to many new genres and artists. I have discovered some of my favorite songs after searching the word “water” or “New York” on Spotify. 

These are my themed playlists! Let me know if there are any songs I should add to them.

Songs About Driving

This is the playlist that started it all. It is probably the most diverse playlist I’ve made in terms of including different genres and eras of music. 

Songs about Diving

I made this playlist for diving practice. At practice, we are allowed to play music, so, logically, I made a playlist full of songs about diving and water. I was surprised at how many different songs about diving there are.

Songs About AP Bio

I will admit, this playlist is a bit of a stretch. It only has seven songs and none of them are really about biology. I also made this playlist with Daria while trying to study for the bio AP, so we were both a little out of it.

Songs About Places

I made this playlist after noticing how many songs were named after large cities. I discovered a lot of new music in the making of this playlist. I also tried to stick to songs that I personally like and did not add songs just because they fit the theme like I did in the making of other playlists.

Songs About Names

This playlist was made at the same time as the Songs About Places playlist. Most of the songs in this playlist are from the same genre. 

Songs About California

As mentioned above, I made this playlist for a trip to California. I listened to it several times while I was there. One of my favorite memories from the trip was listening to California Girls while running into the Pacific Ocean during a thunderstorm. It was not the wisest choice, but it was the most memorable. 

Songs About Christmas on the Beach

I am going to be in Costa Rica for Christmas this year, so I made a Christmas playlist to play on the beach. I love this playlist, but my sister hates it and refuses to listen to it.