By: Josie Kennedy and Kennedy Kostos

The Kennedys are back again with yet another mind-blowing conspiracy theory, but this time pertaining to a cartoon tv show known and loved by many: The Simpsons. This adult-cartoon show first airing in 1989, revolves around dry and sarcastic humor. However, it is also known for its unusual ability for predicting the future. Time and time again, people have found scenes and pictures from past episodes that pertain to what is happening in our lives now, and we are making it our duty to show you some of the most wild ones!

Trump’s Presidential Election:

In one of the Simpsons episodes dating back to seventeen years ago, Donald Trump made an appearance as the president of the United States. Coincidentally, Donald Trump did become president as predicted in The Simpsons episode “Bart to the Future”.

Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance:

In the episode “Lisa goes Gaga”, it displays Lady Gaga suspended from cables over her audience.  So guess what??!!?? In Super Bowl LI’s halftime show, Lady Gaga did the same performance, wearing almost the exact same outfit as in The Simpsons scene displayed above.

Holstrom Winning the Nobel Peace Prize:

And last but not least…in an episode that aired in 2010, Milhouse predicted that Bengt R. Holmstrom, would be the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in Economics. Surprise, surprise Holmstrom was in fact, the winner of the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

Whether you think these predictions are a coincidence or not, you can’t deny that these aren’t a little peculiar. All you can do is marvel at the mystery of such happenings, and keep your eye out for any other future predictions.

Until next time,

The Kennedys