By: Tess Hays

***Spoiler Alert***

There have been a lot of movies released recently. From Ralph Breaks the Internet to Creed II, there seems to be something for everyone. But how good are they?

Creed II:

Rotten Tomatoes – 83%

Audience Review – 88%

With Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan, it doesn’t seem like this movie could have been done wrong, and it seems that Rotten Tomatoes agrees! It was described by critics as a movie that sucks you in and just seems to work. Fans say that while the movie was predictable, the emotional story wasn’t lost.


Ralph Breaks The Internet:

Rotten Tomatoes – 88%

Audience Rating – 68%

Critics thought that the movie didn’t shy away from its messages and that it was upbeat and perfect for its audience. I certainly liked the little bit I saw with the princesses. One audience review compared it to The Emoji Movie, but said it was “done more tastefully”.



Rotten Tomatoes – 29%

Audience Rating – 86%

If you follow Marvel, then you may know that critics did not like this movie, saying that it was very confusing. However, fans really enjoyed it. Everyone I talked to thought that the movie was hilarious and absolutely loved it.


Bohemian Rhapsody:

Rotten Tomatoes – 62%

Audience Rating – 91%

I actually saw this movie and I really liked it. However, it definitely wasn’t a documentary and it did get a little boring during the middle portion, but it was overall a great story and the music was very good. The Live-Aid scene especially was executed perfectly, with even the littlest details being followed. Critics complained that it wasn’t the movie that Queen deserved or that it could have been done better. It is relatively agreed upon that Rami Malek did justice to Freddie Mercury.