By: Chandini Antal

All throughout my life I have heard the oddest things about living in Ohio. Usually, people only hear about our former star basketball Player, LeBron James, or our almost winning baseball team of the Indians but, besides that, they don’t know much more. One time I went to camp and after I said I was from Ohio, someone asked me if I was homeschooled and lived on a farm. I said no, but she proceeded to ask if I was lying. I tried to explain that Ohio isn’t really in the middle of nowhere and even though some parts do have farms and lots of corn there is more than what meets the eye. Ohio does have some bigger cities like Columbus and Cincinnati, and Cleveland itself has some pretty cool attractions like The Cleveland Museum of Art and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s not all dairy farms and corn plantations. Where Ohio’s located also creates some controversy. Some people say it’s too far east to be Midwest, but the people in the east don’t think so. And then it’s not far enough in the west to be considered part of the Midwest. Ohio doesn’t seem to fit into any one category and I think that’s one of the beauties of living here: no matter where you go it’s different, and there’s something to explore in each region. It’s shocking to me that people don’t think anyone lives here, especially where I live there is such a diverse population.

Here are some more odd things I have heard about living here:

“Do you only eat tater tots?”

“Why are you obsessed with skyline chili?”

“Don’t you get hit by tornadoes every day?”

“Yeah aren’t you the mistake on the lake?”

“You caused the Paul brothers”

“Aren’t you all too polite?”

“Oh, you live where all the cows do!”