By Grace Mansour

If you are staying in Cleveland for winter break or you are just bored and want to do something fun this winter check out these fun ideas. The first idea is to go ice skating. You can go ice skating at many places in cleveland such as Public Square, which has a very cool one, and there is also a brand new one at Pinecrest. Another cool idea is to go tobogganing in the metroparks. I have never been but it seems like a ton of fun. At the aquarium they have a winter waterland and since it is indoor you can go when it’s too cold to even stand outside. Some ideas that you can just do anywhere are sledding or tubing. You can go to any hill nearby with a bunch of friends or family. It can be super fun to go sledding on a snow day because you do not have to go anywhere if there is a hill really close to you. One of my favorite things to do when it starts to snow is to go skiing. You can go to either Boston Mills, Brandywine, or there is a very small place to ski called Alpine Valley. So if you are not very good or just a beginner then maybe take some lessons or go with a friend that can help you out. Hopefully you try out one of these ideas during this winter!